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Beautiful Himalayan Kingdom with preserved nature and diverse Cultures

You will fall in love with a country that measures its success in units of happiness

Bhutan Tours will make you fall in love with a country that measures its success in units of happiness. Welcome to Bhutan, where nature is healthy and culture is alive. Bhutan is only carbon negative country in the world. Bhutan is a place that reminds us of the true meaning of cultural authenticity and natural magnificence. The Kingdom of Bhutan is commonly referred as The Last Shangri-La and true to its name, this mythical kingdom is filled with rich culture, ancient history, exquisite heritage and age-old traditions.

Prominent landmarks, ancient dzongs (fortresses) and sacred lhakhangs (temples) nestled in the Himalayas offers peace, tranquility, harmony and happiness. Hiking adventure in Bhutan is to the most venerated religious site at Taktsang Monastery also known as Tiger’s Nest, which clings to the cliffs of the mountains offers a surreal retreat. Bhutan tours or you can say Bhutan cultural tours are full of adventure, nature, holiness, divinity and rejuvenation. Trip to Bhutan is a bliss for the people who feel lazy, tired, unhappy and unhealthy. Get refreshed with our diverse Bhutan Tours.