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Multi Country

Travel heighlights of Asia in a single journey

Growing popularity of Asian tourist destinations are included in this trip allowing you to visit all in a single trip

Our multi country tours are designed to cater the need of overseas travelers who want to travel to multiple countries of south Asia in a single journey as to make different trips to one country can be expensive considering the increasing air fares or other factors. Multi country or cross country tours include destinations of China, Nepal and Bhutan. These three countries in Asia are most different from each other. Nepal is a unique mix of different cultures and geographical features. Tibet, the roof of the world has its own traditions and is home of the Tibetan Buddhism.. Bhutan, the Last Shangri-La has a collection of best preserved natural and cultural heritage and it is the only Mahayana Buddhist country in the world. India is a huge country and the biggest in South Asia. It is a melting pot of all cultures and traditions of the Indian sub continent. Travelling to these countries provides you the opportunity to explore the varied landscape and geographical regions along with the diverse culture and traditions of the area.