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Multi Country

Travel heighlights of Asia in a single journey

Growing popularity of Asian tourist destinations are included in this trip allowing you to visit all in a single trip

Our multi country tours are designed to satisfy overseas travelers who wish to travel multiple countries in a single journey as trips to one country at a time can be expensive and time consuming. Multi country tours comprises the destinations of China, Nepal and Bhutan for now and others to be added soon. These countries in Asia are most vibrant having unique variations within themselves. Nepal is extraordinarily iconic tourist destination with huge and diverse cultures. Geography of Nepal is as strange as unbelievable since the topography from sea level to the highest point on earth Mt. Everest is present within the country. Tibet, which is also widely known as roof of the world has its beautiful and genuine Buddhist traditions and is cultural paradise of Asia. Bhutan, which is only carbon negative country in the world has a collection of best preserved natural and cultural heritage and it is the only Mahayana Buddhist country in the world. Travelling to these countries offers you an opportunity to experience unity in diversity and unbelievable geographical features including the best type culture and traditions of local peoples.

Nepal is the only country in the world with its unique land formations of Himalayan, Hilly and Terai region. World-renowned trekking trails, heartwarming hospitality and several unique attractions for tourists are something Nepal stands for. Tibet is famous for its strict regulation,
discipline people, culture and religion, art and architecture, several iconic monasteries and palaces such as Potala Palace, Sera Monastery, Jokhang temple, etc. The naturally beautiful country Bhutan also offers own unique specialty as it holds more than 10000 Stupas and 2000 monasteries inside the kingdom. Having a unique architectural landscape made of stonewalls, monasteries, temples, and chortens, Bhutan attracts many tourists and spiritual seekers although mass tourism is forbidden in this country. Our Multi-Country Tours are operated by highly experienced local tour leaders.