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Trekking and Hiking

Touch Himalayan foothills making your every steps extraordinary

In every walk with nature and majestic Himalayan shadow one receives far more than he/she seeks.

Active activities like trekking and hiking to the foot hills of mighty Himalayas are core travel experiences at Extollo Adventures. We make sure that all our trekking and hiking activities meet the ecological standards and the best inclass services while exceeding your expectations at the same time. It has been proved from a long research that trekking hiking in a environmentally healthy places will certainly increase your longitivity.

Our trekking itineraries in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan cover all the best trekking and hiking locations in the Himalayas. Be it, the iconic Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal or the infamous Jomolhari Trek in Bhutan, we ensure that you get the best travel experiences from whichever you choose. Along with physical activity our trekking and hiking programs also offer you the best cultural highlights of the Himalayan region, understand the rudiments of the mystical culture that exists in magical corner of the globe. We are proudly contributing to protect eco-system and fight against climate change from your activities with Extollo.