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Trekking and Hiking

Touch Himalayan foothills making your every steps extraordinary

In every walk with nature and majestic Himalayan shadow one receives far more than he/she seeks.

Active activities like trekking and hiking to the foot hills of mighty Himalayas are core travel experiences at Extollo Adventures. We make sure that all our trekking and hiking activities meet the ecological standards and the best in class services while exceeding your expectations at the same time. It has been proved from a long research that trekking hiking in a environmentally healthy places will certainly increase your longevity.

Our trekking itineraries in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan cover all the best trekking and hiking locations in the Himalayas. Be it, the iconic Everest Base Camp trek in Nepal or the infamous Jomolhari Trek in Bhutan, we ensure that you get the best travel experiences from whichever you choose. Along with physical activity our trekking and hiking programs also offer you the best cultural highlights of the Himalayan region, understand the rudiments of the mystical culture that exists in magical corner of the globe. We are proudly contributing to protect Eco-system and fight against climate change from your activities with Extollo.

Snow-capped mountains and prayer flag in the Himalayas will always encourage you to take more challenges even if you are feeling tired. Bhutan trekking and hiking services is another major attraction of Extollo apart from Nepal and Tibet trekking services. Trek offers at Extollo are not just about money but variations and approaches to make every trekking adventure uniquely crafted just for you. High passes of Himalayas are the main trekking and hike destinations. Tour operators now are making the trekking adventure less appealing by adding more luxury but we decided to offer the remote life experiences. Departure date listed in each trip is just an indication, you are always free to choose your own dates.

Going for challenging treks in Nepal and pleasant hikes in Tibet and Bhutan are like a therapy which eventually will help you to maintain good health and longevity. A dream of adventure seekers is made obvious with our carefully crafted trekking itineraries to Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base Camp, Jomolhari Base Camp, and Mount Kailash. Nepal, Tibet,  Bhutan trekking and hiking services are the best adventure option in great Himalayan trails. Trekking in Nepal is more than just a walk and adventure, rather it is a perfect blend of local Sherpa culture, lifestyle and once in a lifetime opportunity to touch the bases of highest mountains in the world. You will be a part of Himalayan nature conservation while working with us.Being an initiative to change the world around you while doing your trip is unique travel experiences by Extollo Adventures crafted with care. Trekking and hiking with Extollo Adventures will assure your safety and satisfaction while taking care of Himalayan nature that has huge importance in balancing the entire global ecosystem.